YouTuber Nikki Tutorials marries Dylan Drosiers

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NikkieTutorials Ms to Mrs.

Nikkie de Jager and Dylan Drossaers officially tied the knot on September 6 in a ceremony that included family, friends and lots of floral decorations.

YouTuber, that is Dylan got engaged during a trip to Italy in 2019She gave a full inside look at their special day, including trying on her gown to show her mom and her first look with Dylan before the ceremony.

What happened when they saw each other in their wedding day dresses?

“It’s a moment I’ll never forget because you look at each other and we’re both nervous about our reactions and Dylan actually starts crying,” Nikki said. a video He shared on his YouTube channel on September 13.

While Nicki wore a dress adorned with crystals, Dylan wore a suit with a red flower boutonniere, a tribute to Nicki’s late brother Mikaye, who Died in 2018 After battling lymphatic cancer.

“It’s so hard that they never got to meet,” she shared. “But the fact that he wore a red detail with his suit meant so much more.”

After the touching revelation, Nicky walked to the altar as Dutch singer Davina Michel sang “Remember Us This Way” with violin.

The gesture left almost everyone at the venue in tears – but in true Nicki style, she joked, “I’m like ‘oh god’. No. Please no. I can’t cry again because my makeup survived a crying session. Can survive more than that. I don’t know if.”

Presenting the experience

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