You won’t believe how Wes Bergman spent the prize money from his challenge:

Challenge Returns, Shocked Bride and The One That Away

Remember when the challenge Star Wes Bergman infamously told Johnny Bananas that he had “a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck and 30 companies.” Rivals II In 2013? Well, you can now add a Lamborghini to that iconic list.

Wes, one of the iconic personalities of the long-running MTV franchise, has added another impressive feat to his stacked resume: winning its third season. The Challenge: All Star, his first outing in a Paramount+ spinoff. After being named the men’s winner—Joanna Mannion made it back-to-back victories for the women—the 37-year-old entrepreneur vowed to go on a splashy shopping spree with her $250,000 prize. And Wes stayed true to his word, confirmed to E! News that a very cool car is now in his garage.

“I know everyone is playing for different reasons,” Real World: Austin The veteran said, “But, doesn’t everyone always want a Lamborghini? I think that buying a Lamborghini is actually more responsible than supporting my family.”

But that wasn’t Wes’ only expense, as he actually paid to fly several of his fellow challengers to his home in Kansas City. to film an informal reunion, which is now available to watch online.

As for that cost, Wes admitted, “thousands of dollars!”

Paul Castillero/Paramount+

Of course, longtime viewers know that Wes is all about providing entertaining TV and subsequently dominating the sport, both physically and politically—which, he said, makes him a “big target” whenever he competes. But it’s totally fine for Wes to be on everyone’s radar because it gives him a chance to stir the pot every now and then.

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