Yes, the Godfather writer really fought with Frank Sinatra in a restaurant

The Offer Stars Details True Tussle Behind the Godfather Banano

Frank Sinatra Don’t get a kick out Godfather.

A lot has been cleared up in this first episode Of Paramount + OpportunityWhich debuted and took over on 28 April A dramatic look at making iconic films.

We are, of course, referring to the scene where Godfather Writer Mario Pujo (Patrick Gallo) introduces himself to all the Blue Eyes (Frank John Hughes) in the celebrity hotspot chassis, only to find himself at loggerheads with Pujo’s crowd-pleasing character Johnny Fontaine. In a shocking turn of events, Pujo did not back down as he tried to stab the Hollywood icon with a fork.

What is even wild? This scene is based on a real encounter between Pujo and Sinatra.

When Pujo mentioned — a A New York Magazine article Since 1972 – things that have never been physical between himself and Sinatra, he claims that the singer called him “abusive” for the character. Pretty juicy, isn’t it? So, you can understand why producer Michael Tolkien felt the need to include this scene in the series.

And the actor who played Pujo could not be more grateful for the on-camera fight, describing the moment as “a great scene” to E! News.

“I remember at one point, I was repeating the scene, and [episode director] Dexter Fletcher came to me and he just said, ‘Listen, don’t forget who you are. You worship Mario. You don’t have to panic in one corner, ” Gallo said about recreating this face-off. ” And I was, ‘Yeah! Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. It has changed dynamically,

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