Winona Judd vows that she will “continue singing” as soon as she releases new songs after her mother.

Winona Judd has released a new song titled “The Other Side” after promising to “continue singing” after the death of her mother and music partner Naomi Judd. Listen.

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Naomi JudeIts legacy will continue Winona JudeIts voice

In one Instagram post Shared May 24, Wynonna not only reconsidered her past promise that she would continue singing His mother died But a new collaboration with Waxahatchee has made the vows better.

“In all that happened, I said I would continue to sing,” Winona wrote. “So I’m here.”

Wynonna explains that the new track blossomed after she met Katie Krachfield, the singer who founded the solo music project Waxahatchi.

“I met @waxa_katie last year and we connected immediately,” he wrote. “We recorded ‘the other side’ here at the farm studio and it was one of my favorite recording experiences. I am grateful for the opportunity to sing with the next generation of generosity. ”

The song comes about a month after Winona and her sister, Ashley JuddTheir mother has shared devastating news that she has died at the age of 76.

“Today we sisters are facing a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to a mental illness, ”they said A statement Shared April 30. “We are devastated. We are navigating deep grief and knowing that as much as we loved him, he was loved by his people. We are in an unknown area. “

On May 1, Vinona and her late mother, who starred in the musical duo The Juds,

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