Will Denise Richards still rejoin RHOBH with Lisa Rinna on the show? he

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Alum Denise Richards answers the question Bravo fans are dying to know: Will she return to the show, even if it means starring alongside Lisa Rinna?

Ken Denise Richards only joined fans after giving birth to daughter Sami

The time has finally come Dennis Richards To revive him The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Introduction?

He is not ruling out the opportunity. Actually, the wild things The actress says Jeff Lewis on her SiriusXM Radio Show That he would “never say never” to rejoining the Bravo series — even with Add chest Still on the show, despite rumors to the contrary.

“I would love to work with Lisa and film with her,” Dennis said on September 1. “I never said I wouldn’t go back because of him.”

Was a friend from 20 years ago A falling out In season 10 RHOBA After Lisa Grill relentlessly Dennis is on one alleged hookup with Brandy GlanvilleWhich Dennis always has rejected. He subsequently left the show, and when Lisa apologized for his behavior – albeit via text – Dennis said he “couldn’t be close friends with her” again.

their RHOBA Cracks aren’t the only cause, though. “I watched a few of the last episodes and I saw how he was And how he is on social media,” Dennis said, “and I don’t agree with that. It’s hard to be friends with someone like that.”

And it’s something she’ll definitely remember if she ever joins again RHOBA. “With Lisa Rinna, she plays dirty and she can be really nasty,” the 51-year-old said.

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