Why now is a great time to prepare your skin for what summer stores have

Many of us are tired of the cold weather and we look forward to seeing what happens in the warmer months. Whether it’s going out on the local beach, picnicking in the park or enjoying a day under the sun, there is no doubt that this is the perfect time to change. Unfortunately, this change can often come at a price for your skin.

Exposure to harsh ultraviolet rays can cause many problems. These include premature aging, dryness, wrinkles and marked loss of elasticity. Such situations are often referred to as “photographing” and if not checked will undoubtedly become clearer over time.

Use a high quality sunscreen

While it is always possible to buy sunscreen from your local supermarket, there may be times when more professional solutions (such as innovative filters and textures) are needed. An excellent and effective option is an appointment Mineral sunscreen Such as Erifotona actinica.

Prepare your skin

Photo by AdoreBeautyNZ On Pixabay

The pure mineral filter (zinc oxide) provided by this product will provide a strong barrier against the effects of the sun. These mineral filters will not only effectively mitigate the effects of UVA and UVB rays, but additional substances will help to extend these benefits. Here are some other elements of Erifotona actinica:

  • Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant that protects against free radical damage and fights the signs of aging).
  • A patented enzyme from ISDIN known as photolysis (otherwise repairing much damage caused by sunlight).
  • A mineral brush for subsequent application.

This light weight mineral cream can be applied more than once throughout the day Mineral brush And it provides more protection than SPF 50. Also keep in mind that it will be absorbed quickly on the skin, this sunscreen provides the perfect foundation for makeup.

More than summer alone

Many sunscreen ads focus only on the summer months. While this is a dangerous time of year for your skin, we need to keep in mind that other seasons can do just as much damage if the right steps are not taken. For example, did you know that it is possible to get sunburned on a cloudy day? Snow can similarly reflect the sun and lead to similar adverse effects. This is the idea of ​​why Sun care It should never be taken lightly.

The unique properties of Eryfotona Actinica will protect you throughout the year without slowing down. Whether you are worried about skin cancer or you just want to look vibrant and youthful, the benefits of this product cannot be denied. Remember that skin is one of the most important parts of your body. Why not provide an effective barrier against the sun throughout the year? There is no doubt that you will be satisfied with the overall effect!

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