Why Kanye West came out during Kim Kardashian’s Saturday night live monologue

In the episode of 17 May KardashiansKim Kardashian reveals exactly why Kanye West was sent out of the room to turn on his monologue Live Saturday night.

Pete Davidson jokes about Kim Kardashian’s ex Kani West

Of course there was not a single person smiling Kim KardashianOf Live Saturday night Psychology: Connie “Yeah” West.

In the episode of 17 May KardashiansThe founder of SKIMS has revealed that his ex-Who joined his October hosting gigRita came out during her monologue, and surprisingly, it wasn’t Kim’s jab about divorcing Kanye because of her “personality” that bothered her.

Kim told her sister, “She wanted me to say ‘file’ for divorce Khalo Kardashian. “And he was annoyed that I also said he was a rapper. He said, ‘I’m so much more than a rapper, I can’t believe you said rapper.’

In a confession, Kim stated his intentions Kani was not there to bother And that loneliness was meant to make fun of everything in his personal life. “It’s all fun and games,” he added. “And, apparently, it wasn’t with him.”

While talking to Khalil, Kim revealed that he was disappointed because he had previously stood by his ear during “speeches and things that were not most comfortable for me.”

Kholo shouted, “Not just a speech. She has taken a tough public stance on various issues that may not be your position, but you were her wife and you do it. But how fair is that for you? ”

Kim noted that Kanye is “accustomed to getting exactly what he wants” but when it came to him, he was ready to stop.

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