Why did Kim Kardashian know how to file for divorce from Kanye West “must be hacked”

Kim Kardashian discusses finding her identity outside the ex-Kanye “Yeh” West and why filing for divorce was the right decision in the May 12 episode Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian’s shocking marriage confession

Kim Kardashian There are no regrets about his separation from Connie “She” West.

In the episode of May 12 KardashiansThe founder of SKIMS has given insights into his breakup with “Press God” rapper, which includes Their different position in the division. Kim has revealed that she has asked Yek to sign divorce papers “all the time”, but the chart-topper “does not want a divorce” which has prolonged the process.

But this is not the most frustrating part of Kim’s life. He highlighted the double standard he felt in the separation.

“If I do anything on a reality show, it’s how he dares to talk about it,” he said in a confession. “And then he can do a song, but it’s so creative and expressive. It’s always like, two different aspects are expressed in two different ways, and one is respected and one is not. “

Kim told her sister after the criticism Courtney Kardashian That he is “very sure now” about the divorce.

“I knew I had to do this when I filed,” he shared. “Because I just knew it wasn’t the right situation for me. And now, I feel very good. “

As Courtney noted, the break-up forced Kim to find her identity outside of Kim. Agreeing, Kim admits, “I’ve reached a point where I’m going to ask her for advice on everything I wear. Even now, I’m having panic attacks like,

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