Who is suitable for Alicia Vikander’s possible recast as Lara Croft?

Lara Croft has few names in entertainment that have both historical and modern appeal. Bursting onto screens in 1996 with the PlayStation, Tomb Raider is now a media giant, spanning nearly every facet of the industry. Lara Croft might just be the most popular celebrity that never existed.

While the 2018 flick isn’t terrible — as many of its video game predecessors were — it won’t have a sequel. Built Tomb Raider: Obsidian, with lead actor Alicia Vikander and writer-director Misha Green (of Lovecraft Country fame) on board, was hoping for a solid second outing, but MGM failed to get into production fast enough, give up rights In IP for expiry.

Now with the Amazon-owned studio losing the rights, there will reportedly be an intense bidding war for the rights to make the next Tomb Raider movie. Another reboot seems likely, so what does the next film need to capture and which actors would be perfect for the role?

Capturing the right Lara Croft

After all, Lara Croft is incredibly intelligent, absurdly athletic, and has a great British accent. These three core principles carry through all games and movies to date, with the most recent Alicia Vikander film based on the Survivor trilogy covering her early years as a Tomb Raider.

His image has certainly changed over the years, which is reflected in all representations of instantly recognizable characters. It can even be seen when you look New slots online. Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword was based on the original games, while the new Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs is very much a slot that focuses on a younger, more modern version of the character.

Since Angelina Jolie covered the veteran Lara well, and the game’s most recent trilogy accounted for 38 million of the 12-title franchise’s total of 88 million unit sales, it’s fair to say that the next film should explore the young, ascending character. It is reinforced by the positive Box office outing 2018 flick, which topped both action films of the early 00s.

Finding the right Lara Croft for the next film

It should be said that these considerations are only mulling over the thought that a Tomb Raider movie from another studio wouldn’t keep Vikander going. If so, then he is the right actor to nail the physicality, accent and character in the 2018 movie.

As news broke about the planned sequel not moving forward, Aubrey Plaza told Jimmy Fallon on his Tonight Show that Edgar Wright thought he would be cast as the next Tomb Raider. This was due to his Moviemaker cover, which looked distinctly Croft. Still, if she’s up to the same rigorous training as Vikander and is able to pull off both Lara’s character and accent is another question entirely.

Given the character’s backstory, many have called for a British actor to take on the role. It’s no surprise that many want Emily Blunt to play Lara Croft, who has a lot of action experience with the likes of Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario. Hayley Atwell, who recently played Captain Carter in the MCU in Fast Time, and Rogue One’s Felicity Jones also seem like great choices.

However, while that wouldn’t necessarily count them out, all three are or will be around 40 years old by the time the cameras potentially start rolling. For example, English actress Florence Pugh (Black Widow, Dune: Part Two) seems to be a British favourite. It’s in the thinking that a Brit would be preferred, though, when two of the most iconic performances to date come from great American and Swedish actors.

As such, two outside options come to mind. The first is Amber Midthunder, who performed much better than expected in the Predator prequel, Pre. Why Disney didn’t trust this for a cinematic run is beyond belief. Alternatively, Odette Annable more than proved her action credentials in the battle-packed series Banshee – which also featured Midthunder – and stole the show during her tenure.

When it comes down to it though, fans just want an exciting story that adheres to the Tomb Raider lore and features a lead who is a great actor, can be trusted to pull off the necessary physical feats, and has the perfect British accent so far in any of the films. May not be a masterpiece by any stretch, but the bar is set high for Lara Croft’s portrayal.