The best comfortable sandals that are not frampy

Every summer, I get lots of requests for comfortable sandals that are not frampy. It was a long order, but this year, the trend of comfortable sandals is too high. Hallelujah! Today I am partnering with Nordstrom to style my three favorite pairs of comfortable sandals this season.

The best sunscreen for the summer of 2022

Summer is officially here, the calendar says so or not. We had already spent several days in the pool, so I thought I’d do a post with my favorite summer sunscreens. Sunscreen has a shelf-life, so I always toss my stuff at the end of the season and buy new ones when summer starts again, and here we are!

Coffee Talk 06.05.22

Good morning! We are spending a glorious beautiful weather weekend here in the suburb of Philly. The sun is shining through the windows of my office, the birds are chirping outside cheerfully, and the air is crisp and cool. We get very few days like this here in Philly. It’s reminiscent of a Maine summer vacation.

Summer fashion try-on howl

Well friends! It’s been a while since I last tried, and I’ve saved a lot of pictures, so it’s a mix of style and clothing items. I’m back more than I’m celebrating this day, but for better or worse, I’m bringing you on a journey!