Watch the transition from Jojo Siva Tiny Dancer to Tin Icon

Jojo Siva has taken the mind Dance mom, Masked singer, DWTS And much more. And did we mention that he is only 19 ?! Now, look at where he started — and how far he has come.

JoJo Siva has cut her signature ponytail

Okay, let’s be real: is there anything? Jojo Siva Can’t To do?

Started his career in 2015 Dance momSuperstar (19 years old on May 19) quickly turns gig from breakout star to powerhouse entertainer Masked singer, Dancing with the Stars (She was The first contestant whose gay dance partner!) And Peacock Series Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, Where he advises rising stars. Not to mention, it has a nine-plus unit, a YouTube channel with about 13 million subscribers and a net worth of about 14 million. (Did we mention he’s only 19 ?!) Then there’s his fan base হাই hi Northwest! –Those who look at the icon wearing a bowWho came out as one Member of the LGBTQ + community in 2021.

JoJo Exclusively said e! News Back in October. “I’m in the driver’s seat, but I’m going 150 miles per hour.”

Not that he’s complaining. “Every day, my happiness grows,” he added. “And every day, my confidence grows. And every day, a thrill grows.”

Now, in honor of his golden birthday, take a look at where he started — and how far he has come …

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