Watch Kelly Rowland team up with a Stranger Things fan favorite in the new movie

Kelly Rowland Glambot: Behind the scenes at the 2019 PCAs

It’s officially time for pumpkin spice, cozy weather, and spooky movies.

Curse the bridge hollow It’s one of the films we can look forward to this Halloween season, and we’ve officially got a sneak peek at the chilling adventure. The family-friendly horror comedy has a star-studded cast at the helm Kelly Rowlandwho plays Emily, the matriarch of the family, while Stranger Things the star Sir Ferguson His teenage daughter Sidney and the comedian will play the role Marlon Wayans As “Halloween-hating dad”.

Trailer The family begins with a big move as they move from Brooklyn to a new city. Emily encourages her daughter, “Give Bridge Hollow a chance. Small towns can be full of surprises.”

Sydney, fascinated by the Halloween decorations in their new neighborhood, reacts with excitement to the new sight, declaring, “Look at those zombies!”

It’s all fun and games until they come to life.

His father confidently tells a new neighbor that he thinks Halloween is “kind of silly,” “I mean do you believe in Santa Claus?” Later, Sydney is seen sharing her father’s skeptical view with a group of friends at school, saying, “My father is a science teacher. So, he doesn’t really do Halloween.”

Well, it doesn’t take long for the father-daughter duo to get a rude awakening, as they’re soon forced to “team up and save their town after an ancient and mischievous spirit animates Halloween decorations and wreaks havoc,” according to the official synopsis.

Realizing their new home is haunted by Stingy Jack, an “evil guy” who died in the house,

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