Watch Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Honor Betty White’s Legacy on the Password

KK Palmer and Jimmy Fallon thanks Betty White for “Password.”

password Virtually synonymous Betty WhiteSo it only makes sense to Jimmy Fallon And John Hamm To honor his legacy The upcoming premiere of the reboot.

A sneaky clip passwordThe August 9 episode shows Jimmy—ready to be a contestant passwordIts first season—to begin with a dedication commemorating both Betty and her late husband, who hosted the original game show from 1961 to 1980.

“Obviously it’s a legendary game, Password and Awesome Allen Ludden, Betty White,” says Jimmy. “Betty, this is for you.”

The Tonight Show The host also recalls the time he and John did a sketch with Betty. Although crazy people As the actor jokingly accuses Jimmy of stopping for time at this point, he shares his own Betty White story — which ties into the aforementioned sketch.

“Right after we did the sketch, I had a quick change and Betty White saw me in my underpants,” John recalls with a laugh. “She did no Look away is the true story.”

See more of what’s to come passwordWatch the premiere, full preview (featuring the host KK Palmer!) above. Then, read on to check the status of other TV reboots, remakes, and revivals.

password Kicks off with a two-night premiere event on NBC on Tuesday, August 9 at 10pm and Wednesday, August 10 at 9pm.

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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