Victoria floats on how to overcome brain tumors and deal with the damage

Victoria floated Really does it all. In addition to being a model, she is also a full-time lawyer. You might not guess that his legal aspirations were driven by a superhero! “I’ve always been obsessed with Wonder Woman and having a law degree in my head was actually the closest thing to being Wonder Woman.” Balancing the two careers is not an easy task. “It simply came to our notice then. I think it’s important that we do everything in this life that fills us up and that for me to follow what I want even if it seems like a lot. Helping people in the legal field is honestly the most rewarding part. “He rose to prominence before being diagnosed with a devastating disease in 2017.” I was living my best life. He was struck on the left side and was diagnosed with a rare brain and neck tumor. “

Having a brain tumor has changed his outlook forever. “It was very difficult and shook my whole world. It took a lot of mental determination to go through the process. I have completely changed my view of how short and precious life really is. “The treatment left his right ear completely deaf. It was a big change for him to become accustomed to hearing loss.” Leaving halfway through was an intense adjustment. It’s been 5 years now that it’s hard to hear, so I’m getting used to it and my ear tinnitus, which was extremely difficult at first. ” The deaf community has proven to be a source of comfort and friendship for Victoria. “It simply came to our notice then. Although my grandma and I wore the same hearing aids before she passed, I learned to accept and embrace them easily. It’s funny, because you can’t see them with my thick hair. Then I show others and they say, ‘Wow, we never knew.’ I think this is a lesson that you never know what someone is doing outside ৷ In addition, I think sign language classes should be more popular and more accessible to the deaf community. “She now regularly works with the National Brain Tumor Society.” They helped me a lot during my radiation treatment, and they Gave a support system through rough times with which I had no one to connect with. That’s why I give them back as much as I can. ” His experience of seeing other patients succeed has brought the whole circle. “It feels empowering and incredible that my desire to participate in an experimental treatment has helped Duke’s other patients overcome their battle with rare tumors. I have put my life on the line and helped many patients from now on. . “

Unfortunately, Victoria did not survive by throwing a challenging curveball. His mother sadly died in 2021, leaving an indescribable void. “My mother was my best friend and she was my everything. As we talked I was bursting … he was my whole world and then something. I never imagined life without him. Now I have to live without her. “It has been a struggle to move forward, but she is determined to make her mother proud.” It has been extremely difficult. “I told myself I was going to make a legacy in his honor and live a bigger life for him.”

Loss has clarified everything he has granted and our fellow human beings need to understand more. “Sadness is not something that has ever happened in my life. I lost my grandparents and it was hard, but nothing is harder than taking the love of your life away from you. Now I feel more sympathy for anyone who has lost a parent and who is suffering from mental health trauma. It’s hard to even wake up in the morning and now I realize it. I hope people find more empathy and sympathy for others and their journey. “Sometimes, Victoria says, the best way to mourn death is to live to the fullest.” You can still honor your loved one’s legacy by living and moving. There are things that vibrate, so we all have a purpose to be here on this earth. Physically it is harder and harder in our lives without our person, but they still vibrate in our memories and in our hearts. I am so inspired to be proud of my mother in heaven Driving force. ” Victoria’s mother is undoubtedly proud that her daughter has become an amazing woman of her own making.

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Victoria floats on how to overcome brain tumors and deal with the damage. Photo credit: Courtesy of Victoria Vesses.