Unsurprising candidates show their determination in debut LP, Panther Island

Probably Impossible candidate They have been named for their lack of faith in their success. “We’ve come up with a list of 400 possible names and The Unlikely Candidate was the only name that wasn’t terrible. I think Dark Horse was second. Although it was quite well suited for us. No. Cole Or I had no idea what we were doing when we started it – we were never in a band or even really playing music when we decided to go that route. We were pretty bad at first and none of our friends or family thought it was going to go too far, so I guess the unlikely candidates are quite well suited for us. Also, we were always a bit away from the center and the blues and country dominated Texas music scenes were seen as external, ”admits the lead singer and co-founder. Kyle Morris. The journey may be long, but they finally release their first LP, proving everyone wrong, Panther Island. The moment is a renaissance and the ultimate symbol of almost a decade of hard work. “It’s a big moment for any band, but we’ve been trying to make a record for the last nine years. We’ve been bouncing around the label and releasing EPs for the past decade. It adds a bunch of amazing songs to get people in our work body. It definitely rejuvenates us and hopefully our fans too. “

Panther Island was conceived at the most unusual time. “It was written entirely during the epidemic. I wrote about what everyone was going through at the time, so, thematically, some of it reflected the chaos and loneliness that was happening on American streets that we all felt as we watched the epidemic unfold from our phone screens at home. There are also lots of fun slacker music, intro songs and songs about love and loss. It’s just as diverse as Sound Wise – we have a fun disco vibe. ‘Gemini‘Like a Weezery grungy track’In my roomAnd a Moody Kid Chudi Inspired SongHow am i. ‘ It’s a buffet of ideas and words. “It’s hard to apply zoom in the writing process.” It was convenient. Also, if a lot of people sing at the same time and try to get ideas, it becomes very chaotic, so this is definitely a bad thing. ” Kyle had to get innovative and even record “Hi Low” in his closet. “I would usually go to our producer’s studio and cut the vocals, but that was not an option. So I had to buy a good dynamic microphone and pile my closet full of stuff to turn off the sound so that the radio would be ready. ”

He is very proud of their strength as a band. “We’ve been through a lot of different steps and I still feel like we’re always discovering new words and ways to write. The scope of what we have done has grown and we have matured writing, which has added a lot of variety to our words. We’ve toured hundreds of times across the country and played to thousands. It was a wild journey and it continues. “Unsurprising candidates will soon be on the road again.” Of course playing all the new songs and people watching them live for the first time. It’s a new experience and we’ve been waiting a long time for it. Hope to see you there! ” If you are lucky, they will be in a town near you!

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Unsurprising candidates show their determination in debut LP, Panther Island. Photo Credit: Jack Burns.