‘Top Song: Maverick’ Twist: Everything to know about that heartbreaking death

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Image Credit: Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

Top gun: Maverick The hit 1986 film is full of nods that started it all. Also Tom Cruise Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, Val Kilmer Tom “Iceman” has re-established the iconic role of Kazansky, who has become a four-star admiral. Maverick and Iceman share one of the most moving scenes in the movie, Reunion of Tom and Val On screen for the first time in almost 40 years.

After being almost grounded, Iceman arrives with the Naval Academy to rescue Maverick. He asks Maverick to teach top song pilots how to fly a dangerous mission. Iceman knows that Maverick alone is capable of preparing these pilots.

Top gunVal Kilmer and Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’. (Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection)

Maverick agrees and quickly crosses the path with Lieutenant Bradley “Roster” Bradshaw, son of his dear friend Guz. In the middle of training, Iceman texts Maverick that he needs to see. “Not a good time,” replied Maverick. Iceman is not asking, so Maverick gives him a visit. Iceman’s wife explained that her cancer had returned. “It’s painful to talk now,” said his wife.

Maverick goes to see Iceman in his office. “I want to talk about work,” Iceman typed into his computer. Maverick talks about training and cock. Maverick believes the roster will never forgive him for dragging his application to the Naval Academy. “There’s still time,” Iceman kind of said. He encourages Maverick to concentrate on roster training, which is capable of taking on this mission. Maverick fears he will lose the roster as he lost Guz.

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