Today we will wear the fashion trends of 2000s completely

1. Trucker Hat

The Von Dutch hat was a staple of 2000's fashion

Trucker hats were all the rage in the early days, especially one brand that swallowed the heads of many celebrities – Von Dutch. Now, let me be clear: I am not in favor of wearing a Von Dutch hat today, and I did not say so at the time. However, the shape of a trucker cap (high crown, slightly curved fork, and mesh rear panel) is one that exposes a certain Americana that today’s thriving masses are embracing again.

From Jerry Lorenzo Fear of God has just released a series of “Open Road” caps That mimics this style in a new way, and I’m totally here for it (and bought one of the hats mentioned). I recently went on a hiking trip with some friends and we were all gifted a tracker cap, and I like the way my oval face looks – I also have a pretty beard and it looks good with aesthetics.

Collection of trucker huts to open the road in fear of God

I recommend avoiding any awkward incidents and finding something that has a great story for you (a brand of your choice or a thrift store that you love) and fascinates it during the summer months. And of course don’t wear it with an Affliction te and Lucky jeans.

2. Denim everything

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing all denim at the 2001 VMA

Infamous in 2001 by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, The Canadian tuxedo is no laughing matter. If you read another part of me here, You know I’m a sucker for good denim. When done in taste, this combo can look really great. It has an Americana-nostalgia that will go great with your new trucker cap!

To top it off, I recommend sticking with dark salvage denim jeans and then starting with a wash jacket or patterned blazer and then you can start working on other ingredients (Such as pearl-snap western shirts, for example)

A gun club check blazer wearing a denim dress shirt and blue jeans

This look doesn’t have to be Cowboy-SQ. You can wear a nice sweater under a denim jacket with black jeans that looks a bit more buttoned and formal, or wear it with sneakers and tees for something more stable but still stylish. I often wear this style and find it fun and much more versatile than people think. Just avoid denim hats like jetties.

3. Rugby shirt

Rugby shirts were a big trend in 2000's fashion

When I was in high school, a rugby shirt was an absolute must. I begged my parents to let me get the Abercrombie versions, but unfortunately I often rocked the American Eagle variety. Rugby outside the American mall has a long and storied history, and the advantages of clothing are quite obvious (nice thick material, strong collar, rubberized buttons that do not break, mostly preppy-stripes usually with a nice knit elastic cuff and a contrasting white collar. Unique look).

Rugby never really went out of style, but in the late 90’s and early 2000’s they were raging in fashion and I started to see them coming back. Of course the popularity of the brand of choice Rowing blazer And Tracksmith has helped rugby gain popularity among the new generation. J. The resurrection of the crew and others will only help this versatile garment.

FE Castleberry's striped wool crepe rugby shirt

Today for styling, I happen to think Like FE Castleberry’s rugby best, And his New England prep combination Meets Rocker Meets High Fashion is a fun way to try your own. Obviously like a lot of prepy stuff, I find that mixing it with other styles (like a pair of John Elliott sweatpants or Rogue Territory jeans) can help you see that you’re not trying too hard and can accentuate the part you’re trying to show off. . .

4. Polar fleece

A color blocked north face denali polar fleece jacket

Another one that never really goes away is the Polar Fleece, a polyester fabric that is ‘naped’ (the fabric means it’s raised and textured, just like you would see with suede). It’s beautiful and warm, easy to wash, and it has a good stretch, which makes it perfect for outdoor technical wear. It was launched in the 70’s, But many of us will remember it as the material for our first Cincinnati Snap-T or North Face ‘Denali’ jacket. (I had gray fur with black nylon, it was a must in my high school).

# During the rise of menswear, pole hair fell out of favor compared to natural fibers like wool and cotton, but has since made an amazing comeback, with many brands now showing fabric and Ability to create unique dye patterns and designs with it in fancy ways. I like a good zip up, and the fleece is a great fabric that you don’t have to worry too much about, so I’m on board with this resurrection.

Pair your pullover or jacket with sweat and sneakers for a morning coffee-powered look, or pair it with some khaki and loafers for something a little better. But most of all, have fun with it!

5. Cargos / zip-off pants

Official General Twill Cargo Pants

Similar to the Rise of the Polar Fleece, the current trend of “Gorpcore” (derived from “gorp”, which outdoor enthusiasts will recognize as “good old fashioned raisins and peanuts” – a trail must survive). Brands like Arc’teryx And ACRONYM has become as popular as anything outside of Paris or NYC.

In terms of early 2000s fashion, many will remember cargo pants and technically-fabric bottoms as the closet head. Some of the best versions have even been zipped to the knees so you had two outfits in one!

Zip-off pants are back in some form, though I wouldn’t suggest going into the world of gossip so far. I think cargo pants can provide some interesting silhouette changes, and mark some fun aversions to traditional chino or khaki pants. 3sixteen did a wonderful job re-working the cargo pants in a new silhouette a year or two ago, And Office General (one of my favorite new brands) And Stone Island versions.

Like all of these trends, I would recommend pairing up with more technical outerwear (unless you’re going somewhere you need it) because it looks like you’re trying too hard. Try pairing with a blue or white OCBD And maybe a neutral sneaker.

6. Polo under collar shirt

A polo shirt layered under an Oxford cloth button

This I used to travel to high school / college. I did everything from double popped lacost to rugby under OCBD. It was a lot. I would not recommend it. The style originated in the early days of FU Prep, with a resurgence with Uppi culture in the 80’s and then back to the beginning. Today there are some really great and tasteful ways to style a collar under another collar.

Wearing an overshoot in the summer is a great way to have a light layer. It’s a slightly spooky way to show off different fabrics and layers and openly make the outfit more attractive. I’ve always leaned into a collar as a result of having a pretty long neck, and the ability to pop the collar in the summer sun isn’t just a style choice. If I feel really stylish I like to style a bandana at the bottom.

7. Loser fit

Of all the fashion trends of the 2000s, it has probably enjoyed the most popularity recently. We’re seeing everything from slightly loose and baggy suits to resurfacing pants with fabric like parachute pants. I usually stay away from fuller cuts, with a slimmer frame and longer proportions I find suitable clothing to look better in my frame. That said, when done well, a fuller-cut dress can look incredibly beautiful and display the fabric in a way that you can’t necessarily do with a thin cut.

That would be a great example Some tailoring that Gucci has been shown to be late. Even a major thing like Drake’s Cassantino wool pullover. Here’s how I think about this trend – always think about juxtaposition. If you have baggy pants with baggy top, it looks messy.

Harry Style 2000's Fashion Loser Fit Trends Channel

Instead, try pairing something larger with something a little more appropriate for the intended look. I think one of the celebrities who does it quite well right now is Harry Styles. Although you don’t want to wear bell bottoms and white Cuban heels as often as Harry, you can take some notes from his (and his stylist’s) thinking.

Is the 2000 fashion trend worthy of a revival?

Overall, I think most of us would agree that the early 2000s were not necessarily a Halseyon day for style, but there were certainly some interesting ideas that, if considered, could help improve your current style. It can be fun not to take yourself too seriously when sorting and to take a page from the beginning, when people certainly don’t take themselves too seriously. Enjoy!