Tinx’s favorite shopping for his first home will give you real estate envy

Tinx for e-commerce, pottery granariesPottery barn

We interviewed Tinx because we think you will like her choice at this price. Tinx Pottery is a paying spokesman for the barn. E! There are affiliate relationships, so if you buy something through our link we can get commission. Items are sold by retailers, not e! Exactly as price disclosure time.

Get ready to put your feet inside TinxDream home.

This summer, content creators are spending most of their time on a special property in Southern California.

“I recently moved into my first home in LA and am obsessed with arranging and decorating it,” Tinx told EK! News. “I spend a lot of time browsing Pottery Granary Website And I’m ordering the perfect piece for my house. “

Now that his space is complete, the 31-year-old is ready to share some of his favorite pottery for your own home. From comfortable Throwing blankets A must see outdoor Cinema HallGet ready to upgrade your space with some special items.

Dream clothing

Wrap yourself in it and wake up to luxury Soft and smooth clothing That sounds like a dream. Made with models with a touch of organic Turkish cotton and silk, this post shower (or bath) treat is a small indulgence to enjoy every day.

Throwing the wrong fur Ruched

Pottery barn The most sold comfortable throw It is made with incredibly silky fiber and ruched for a cascading ripple effect. And while the hot summer months may make fancy blankets a little less desirable, smart shoppers know that fall will come here before you know it. Get your color before it’s too late.

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