TikToker Mikayla Nogueira embraces her “new body” after 60-Lb. Weight gain

Lizo brings body inclusion to the new dance competition show

Content Warning: This story discusses eating disorders.

Mikaela Noguira Sharing his empowering journey towards body acceptance.

The TikTok star says she feels “very good” about herself after a significant weight gain experience and shares how hard she worked to get to this point.

“I recently gained 60,” the influencer said April 25 shared in a TikTok video. “It was really hard for me to accept that I had a new body.”

Mikayla said at first, 200 pounds in her 4’11 “frame was a” really scary “reality, but later she decided she would” learn to love my body the way she did “.

Similarly the 23-year-old became more Comfortable on her skin There was a brand new clothing investment. In the TikTok clip, Mikayla tries to wear several outfits Lulu And Pink lily Proudly shows him that he “looks like a size 14.”

“I’ll show you that if you want size 2 or size 20 you can wear whatever you want,” he told his fans. “It doesn’t matter where you are.”

In the video, Mikaela falls in love with a special two-piece floral look, although it shows her “The biggest insecurityHer arm, which she describes as “big and functional”, says, “I can’t let this stop me from wearing really nice clothes.”

In another videoThe Massachusetts native also got rid of all his old Swimsuit That size was small and medium.

“I’m a big one now and it’s time to move on from the ones that don’t serve you,” she said before trying on a one-piece and bikini array.

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