TikTok star Tanya Pardaji has died at the age of 21 after a skydiving accident

Loved ones of Tanya Pardazi are in mourning after her tragic death at the age of 21. The TikTok star died from injuries sustained in a skydiving accident, which is under investigation.

In Memoriam: The Fallen Star of 2022

tick tock Star Tania Pardazzi followed him this week at a funeral and mourned on social media death from a terrible accident.

The 21-year-old Canadian influencer, who was also a philosophy student at the University of Toronto, died on August 27 of injuries sustained during a skydiving jump, during which his parachute deployed too late. He was buried on September 2 in a memorial in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

“What Tanya did at 21, I think a lot of people fail to accomplish at 80 or 90,” one guest said in a eulogy at the funeral, which was streamed online by Elgin Mills Funeral Center, according to National Postwhich was unable to identify the speaker.

The newspaper reported that most of the participants were dressed in white as they sat in front of a white casket and watched a montage of Pardazi’s life. Sarah McLachlanIts “Angel” plays in the background. Another speaker later read a list of 18 things the TikTok star said she learned on her 18th birthday, such as, “Don’t take yourself so seriously, nothing matters in the grand scheme anyway.”

Pardazi told her childhood friend Melody Ozgoly as she completed her first solo dive at Skydive Toronto. CTV News Toronto On 31 August.

In a statement posted by Dr Facebook On August 29, Skydive Toronto said that on August 27, “a skydiving student, 21 years old, died of fatal injuries sustained in an emergency.” The agency said the skydiver “released a rapidly rotating main parachute at a low altitude without the time/altitude required for the reserve parachute to inflate.”

The student was “a welcome recent addition to the skydiving community and will be missed among the student’s new friends and fellow jumpers at Skydive Toronto Inc,” the company said.

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