These American Horror Story stars are returning for Season 11

Returning to the twisted world of Zachary Quinto, Billie Lourd, Patti LuPone and more American Ghost Stories For 11 seasons.

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Guess who’s back?

Season 11 of American Ghost Stories set his cast and A must see size up. AHS alums Billy Heavy, Zachary QuintoPatti LuPone and Isaac Powell are set to return to the series for the new season. Sandra Bernhard, Joe Mantello and Charlie Carver, who appear among others Ryan Murphy The production, rounded out the cast.

As usual, details about the upcoming season are few and far between, but the cast was photographed filming in New York’s West Village this week. Witnesses saw Lorde, Powell, Bernhard and Carver dressed in 70s and 80s clothing, with the sets matching their aesthetic.

But given that this AHS, Something sinister – and possibly murder – is definitely afoot.

AHS Fan accounts suspect that this upcoming season will touch on Son of Sam’s reign of terror in the late 70s. The serial killer, whose real name was David Berkowitz, murdered six people, wounded seven others and sent taunting letters to police from 1976 until his arrest in 1977.

Throughout the first 10 seasons, AHS Horror has been explored all over the country, so it’s only fitting that Murphy finally lands in the Big Apple.

The update comes after FX chairman John Landgraf announced on August 2 that season 11 will premiere this fall, though he declined to share further details, including premiere dates and episode titles.

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However, fans have been holding onto that hope for a long time AHS chief Sarah Paulson This season will twist and turn back to earth,

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