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Stranger Things: Winona Ryder reacts to Millie’s new look

Grab your Egos and don’t let go because we are going in the opposite direction.

Made by Brother Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things Came out in 2016 and quickly became a sensation in pop culture because viewers could not resist the nostalgic adventures, fierce friendships and monster mysteries that the young cast of Hawkins, Ind.Millie Bobby BrownFinn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Snape সং overnight sensations, David Harbor Became a sexual symbol and Winona Ryder A major comeback stage.

Now, six years, four seasons and lots of bad hairstyles, fans are preparing to say goodbye to Eleven, Mike, Chief Hopper and the rest of the gang, starting Season 4 Volume 1, Which fell on Netflix on Friday. Of volume 2 Two The installment will debut in July and then Stranger Things Will wrap up his journey with a fifth and final season.

But did you know that the show almost never aired, with many networks denying the Duffer brothers respect for their favorite movies of the 1980s? And you thought Mind Flair and Vekna were bad.

Check out all these fun facts you may not know Stranger Things, With the show’s original title, two favorite characters who were due to die in the first season, and the actor who was photographed dancing on a G-string to play his role. Hey, something strange happened …


1. M. After working on Knight Shyamlan’s Fox series Weird pinesThe writing duo of Matt and Ross Duffer came up with the idea Stranger Things,

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