There is a ‘less than 18 percent’ chance of winning an appeal against Blac Chyna

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Black China34, decided to appeal against the verdict and verdict in his case against the Kardashians The latter won He had a 100 million lawsuit against them, but according to a civil attorney, he doesn’t seem to have a big chance of winning. The reality star is appealing because she claims that Superior Court Judge Gregory Allercon has “unduly unfavorable and highly biased” attitude towards her and [her attorney] Microsoft. [Lynne] During the trial, Cyany and Phillips & Hunt’s attorney, John M. Phillips, said that while no new evidence was needed in the appeal, the history of such appeals was not very successful.

“It simply came to our notice then. This usually requires a new look from a new set of lawyers in a relatively short time frame, “Attorney Phillips told HollywoodLife exclusively. “Over the past few years, the reverse rate of civil litigation in the California Court of Appeals has consistently been about 18 percent. I would say based on his appeal and the current state of the verdict, the probability of China is less than 18 percent. Delay is a tactic and can result in disposal or movement of assets. “

KardashianA drawing of Kardashians sitting in court during a trial with Black China. (Bill Robles / AP / Shutterstock)

China’s appeal will begin with a proposal for a new trial in the trial court. Motion and any adverse judgment are then appealed to the State Court of Appeal, ”said Attorney Phillips. “They will review whether the trial court judge has misused his discretion or whether there is a legal error.”

How long does it take for a full appeal?

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