The weirdest hobby of celebrities is that they look like us

Today we want to talk about the strange hobbies of celebrities that show that they are just like us. It is easy to assume that the rich and famous live in parallel existence. We believe that their lives consist of luxurious travel and hanging out on film sets, when we are mere mortal people working and trying to find time for hobbies. But celebrities are just like us and even though they are rich, famous or even elite they have characteristics and unique personality traits.

Queen, Bingo

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is an interested bingo player? Not only that, she shares her passion with her grandson and future King Prince William. Queen Elizabeth recently celebrated her Platinum Jubilee with great pomp, with a week-long celebration in the UK and around the world. Millions flocked to see him celebrate his impressive 70th year on the British throne.

While she is not busy supervising a country and the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth also enjoys playing bingo. This is not surprising given the general rise in bingo popularity, as the digital field has significantly increased the number of alternatives with online. Bingo Sites want to innovate in the traditional game. However, it is not yet known if Rani plays online bingo or with a circle of close friends.

Brad Pitt, Pottery

Hobby of celebrities

Photo by Anthony Shukraba On Pixels

Brad Pitt has been rumored to have taken up pottery and sculpture since divorcing Hollywood legend Angelina Jolie. The big screen actor known for his roles in Troy and World War Z has taken up sculpture and pottery and even set up a studio in his home. That’s it Report That he and other famous friends like Leonardo DiCaprio even hang out together and create morning art.

Pete had previously told the media that he was inspired by the artist Thomas Hausgo, which Hausgo himself confirmed. Pete has not yet published any of his art, so we are not currently aware of his artistic abilities.

John Lennon, Stamp Collection

John Lennon was a British singer, songwriter, composer and activist who was widely known as an important member of the world famous band The Beatles. Throughout his life, he helped write some of the band’s most famous songs, including Don’t Let Me Down, Let It Be, Here Comes the Sun, Imagine, and Hey Jude. But Lennon was also an avid stamp collector.

According to researchers, he collected these for several years. He had his collection after his death Displayed To pay tribute to his passion at the US National Postage Museum. In 2018, even a stamp with his face was issued on it, which he sadly did not survive to see.

However, only these three do not have exceptional normal entertainment. There are other hobbies of celebrities here. Julia Roberts likes knitting, Rod Stewart likes model railways, and Will Smith likes fencing. It just shows that they are really like us, while they are enjoying work holidays anyway!

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Unsplash, Pixels, Pixabay And Creative Commons