The secret behind Charlize Theron’s jaw-dropping transformation: fake eyelashes,

Charlize Theron talks Fast X with Jason Momoa

How many transfixing roles can an actress play in her career?

Whatever the reason, Charlize Theron Before long it blew right past.

Whether she’s playing a determined detective or a post-apocalyptic road warrior, a serial killer or a news anchor, an evil fairytale queen or an immortal mercenary, Theron completely immerses herself, somehow becoming unrecognizable, despite her famously stunning face.

But the end result remains the same—a critically acclaimed performance, hence an Oscar win and two more nominations—as she honed her approach to acting over the years, noting that what worked for her in her 20s didn’t necessarily make sense to her by 40.

“I go to my trailer, I take off my makeup and I go home,” Theron, 47, said on Aug. 7. said Daily Mirror. “I don’t know how people stay in character. I am very lazy. I have two kids to raise and no dog to pick up in the backyard.”

“I don’t know how you do that in character,” he continued. “It’s exhausting. It’s so f—king exhausting. I learned very quickly, the more I let go, the better—which was hard for me in the beginning—but now I’m very disciplined about it.”

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While it may not have been the smartest move anyway, mixing the stuff of playing a ruthless assassin for two months with bedtime stories, it seems as if Theron has found a work-life balance that suits her family.

Instead, the South African-born star continues to do well in 2020 with standout reviews for his turn. Old Guard-And he didn’t need to leave his cage to oblige F9.

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