The Man From Toronto’s Pearson Fode Talks Miami’s ‘Terminator’ Mindset:

For Pearson Fodd, his role in The Man From Miami was a no-holds-barred trip into the world of a villain. Initially, Pearson’s introduction The Man from Toronto The original script was much smaller, but the character was expanded in the revised version. Hollywood Life spoke exclusively with Pearson about why he was in The Man From Miami.

Pearson FodePearson Fode as The Man from Miami in ‘The Man from Toronto’. (Netflix)

“He’s like the Terminator. He just carried on,” Pearson told Hollywood Life. “When I first read the script, his part was very small. He had a very quiet entrance, and he had a three-piece suit on, and he was ready to rock and roll. But when I saw the revised script after I booked the project, he got worse. I just couldn’t help but really dive into it. I think one of the things that was most exciting was, honestly, the action and a character like that. to dive American Psycho in many ways.”

After booking The Man from Toronto, Pearson was put on a training regimen and began working with Phil Silvera, who choreographed all the stunts and was the second unit director. He completed 4 months of training.

“So for a month, we trained for 4 to 8 hours a day doing stunts and choreography and fight choreography. But then he also brings in an Army Ranger named Jack Nevilles, who is a true American hero. I played the evil version of him in the movie,” revealed Pearson. “That real guy who’s going to literally go to terrorists and eliminate targets and protect America and the world and stuff that he can’t talk about.

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