The circle is ready to spice up your life with 2 celebrity contestants

If you want to be our lover then you have to be a fan of these two celebrity contestants! See who is joining in the fourth season Circle May 4 before the season premiere on Netflix.

The Spice Girls: Then vs. Now

Want to know first Which celebrities are joining Season Four? Of Circle? Well, keep reading.

Two new celebrities have come down from the city of London to join Circle. That’s right, Emma Bunton And Melania “Mel B” Brown From The Spice Girls May 4 is joining the second season of Netflix’s hit reality contest series

Players are going to a series of two icons to try to catfish a new set in hopes of increasing the game’s total cash prize. Check out one of the newest hit sneak peeks from British hitmakers.

“You probably know us better as Baby Spice,” Emma said in the clip with Mel B. Chiming, “and Scary Spice.”

“We are coming in Circle To spice things up a bit, ”Emma continued. “I’m a huge fan.”

Mel B added, “When they asked us, no worries.”

The pair will catfish as Jared and if they complete their mission and fool most of the contestants, the prize fund will be raised by 50k.

As a rule, Spice Girls will be under 24/7 surveillance and Mel B thinks people will see them “in a different light”.

“She’s going to cook,” says Emma. “Because I can’t.”

And from the look of it, they’re just as excited as we are!

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