Teen Baltierrer shares a video of teen mom Caitlin Lowell after a vasectomy

“Teen Mom Oz” star Caitlin Lowell and Tyler Baltiera welcome baby.

As they celebrate Mother’s Day 2022, with their kids this weekend Teenage mother OzzyOf Caitlin Lowell Baltiers And Tyler Baltierra says no more children.

On May 6, two days before the holiday, Caitlin, 30, published a Tick ​​tock The video shows her husband having a vasectomy. The footage shows Tyler, 30, recovering from the procedure at home

The reality star is seen sitting on a couch holding an ice pack on his crotch and smiling at one point. Sitting next to him The couple’s youngest daughter Rhea, who is 6 months old. The video is set to John Brett’s 2020 song “Vasectomy”.

“@tylerbaltierramtv took one for the team,” Caitlin wrote Instagram. # More children here. “

Tyler commented, “If anyone has one for the team, it’s you! Carrying your amazing body and giving birth to 4 beautiful babies, all I had to do was one shot and 2 snip! Once I realized what the song was about, I love you !!! “

“But on another note … I’ve seen a lot of women recently that their significant other doesn’t want to get it,” Tyler continued. “It’s wild to me! Any man who doesn’t want to have a vasectomy so that his wife doesn’t have to tie his tubes is like hell and I’m sorry you’re with such a selfish weak man … you deserve better!” Thank you for coming) Hahaha! ”

TikTok / Catelynn Lowell Baltierra

Caitlin and Tyler are also the parents of daughter Novalli, 7 and Veda, 3. They left their eldest daughter Carly. Adopted in 2009 and their journey was documented On 16 and pregnant.

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