Streaming is the new reading – says Hollywood executive Kimberly Kates

The dominance of streaming has changed everything in the entertainment business and things will never be the same again.

This trend has persuaded Hollywood’s most visionary executives to give their business models what modern audiences want.

Among them is Kimberly Kates, chief executive of Big Screen Entertainment Group, a Los Angeles-based production and distribution company that was initially a recipient, launching its own streaming platform two years ago.

He now develops key projects for that channel, Big Stream Entertainment, as well as larger and longer-lasting streamers.

“Streaming has replaced reading,” declared Kimberly, whose own taste is a perfect example of this.

“I used to spend nights and weekends, eating great books and now I spend my extra time on great TV shows. As a kid, I read The Chronicles of Narnia, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, then Harry Potter, and then when I grew up Michael Connelly and James Patterson, all of which were replaced by Legacy, Stranger Things, Barry, and The Offer. “

Along with her talented writers and other creators on the big screen, Kimberly is producing a variety of TV shows and movies that can be divided into a world where, according to recent statistics, streaming video accounts for 82% of all Internet traffic.

He added: “It’s a pleasure to be able to interact freely with our talented in-house team. We don’t have to wait for outsiders to say yes to us, we just go ahead and do it now.

“Content is king and the more entertainment we create for ourselves and others, the more our value and service increase. We now have more than 20 shows at different stages of development.

His 17-year-old company, which is a publicly traded company, will soon begin shooting for its own streamer Big Stream Entertainment’s children’s series Storytime and the film history show Hollywood Legends, a Roku channel and viewed online and via Google Play. Can Store and soon Apple iOS.

Other projects in-house and created for current industry-leading streamers include the environmental action series Earth Angels, the sci-fi Saga singularity principal, the female pilot drama Avenger Field, and the book adaptation of Dead and Dating, based on bestsellers about a vampire. A dating agency.

Kimberly added with confidence: “We are currently on the ground floor of all of this – but with such talented, imaginative people and projects, we hope to move on to the penthouse.”

Formerly an actress whose movie debut came as one of the many favorite classic Bill and Princesses in Ted’s Excellent Adventures, Kimberly Kates is now leading the Big Screen on many great adventures using all her insights, experiences and extraordinary work ethic.

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