Stranger Things ’Joseph Quinn isn’t canceling a Season 5 cameo

Did we see the last of Joseph Quinn on Netflix Stranger Things? See his response when asked about a possible season five cameo.

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn discusses the fate of Eddie Munson

Warning: This story contains spoilers for four seasons Stranger Things.

We have Really Last seen by Eddie Munson Stranger Things?

We’ve been asking ourselves this question since the release of Season Four, Volume Two. Leader of the Strange Hellfire Club Destroyed in the upside down When fighting deadly demons. Yes, Eddie apparently died at the hands of Menti Dustin (Geten Matarazzo), But the fourth season has already proved that dead fan favorites can return for a cameo on the Netflix hit. (We’re looking at you, Billy!)

So, when e! Dr. spoke to the news Joseph Quinn Regarding the July 1 release of Volume Two, we asked the actor point-blank about his chances of appearing in Season 5.

“It’ll be fun, won’t it?” Joseph replied politely. “I’ll be up for it too. But yeah, let’s see.”

Don’t lie, Joseph! We take it as one Maybe.

Despite being tight-lipped about his future on the show, Joseph Did Express a hope for the fifth season, Which will also be the final season.

“It would be good to clear his name,” he said of his character Eddie, who is still believed to be a religious leader when season four came to a close. “I don’t know how we’re going to do it. But it seems unfair, doesn’t it? He has made the ultimate sacrifice for a city that feels like a monster.”

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