Southern Charm teaser reveals two nasty hookups

Where Naomi Olindo stands with ex Craig Conover

Love—wrong, lust—in the Charleston air.

August 18 episode Southern Charm comes back later Patricia AltschulIts an extravagant dog wedding, and based on the peek below, the affair turned into quite the party. as Austin Kroll says Leo Bonaparte And Naomi Olindo The next morning, “it’s like one of those things where you wake up and you start thinking about what happened.”

Austen reveals that for her “it was”, there was a reunion with her ex winter house co-star Ciara Miller. “We went out,” the 35-year-old said in a confessional, “and one thing led to another.”

The two found themselves a Complicated love triangle with Lindsay Hubbard last year—which later played out in season six summer house—but come fall, Austen was alone and chasing Olivia Flowers. However, Olivia met the dog’s wedding date, which, in the teaser, Austen admits is the only reason she chose to hang out with Ciara.

The revelation doesn’t stop there, though. Next is Naomi, who even kisses Whitney Sudler-Smith.

Leva is naturally shocked, asking us the same question: “Were you always attracted to Whitney? Did it just happen? You guys were drunk? You like each other? Did you think she looked hot yesterday?”

Meanwhile, Austen has only two: “Why?” And how?”

Naomi doesn’t answer much, but she admits that she and Whitney didn’t just kiss—she also spent the night at her house (and may or may not have suggested they “breed” like her mother,

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