Southern Charm preview: Naomi Olindo confronts Cleb Ravenel about her “toxicity”

Naomi Olindo doesn’t think she’ll be friends with Kathryn Dennis

Back together, but still on the rocks.

Kathryn Dennis and Cleb Ravenel seem to be trying to work after them big breakup over the past week Southern Charm. In this! News’ exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming July 28 episode, the on-again, off-again couple is at the same party and co-star Naomi Olindo wants to know about their current relationship status.

After Naomi asks Kleb how she and Katherine are doing, she replies, “It’s really hard to talk about.”

On the other side of the soiree, Catherine watches the conversation anxiously and says, “I wonder what Cleb is telling Naomi, because she and I don’t like each other. we do no like each other.”

Cleb continues to tell Naomi about his reunion with Katherine and their ongoing problems. “Our conversation is only about drama… I’m not a shallow person, but I’m a normal person,” he shares. “All my friends are simple. We don’t actually do drama, so when he comes home and talks about commercials for drama, I’ll listen to him a certain amount and then I’ll turn on ESPN and f-king tune him out. I think being around her…I don’t know.

In the wake of Cleb’s comments, Naomi has a few questions about her relationship with Katherine.

“Then why are you dating him?” Naomi asks him. Later in her confession, Naomi wonders, “Is this a cry for help? Do you want to help me?”

“You don’t need to deal with a narcissist and someone who’s so toxic,” she later told Kleb.

When Cleb says that he believes that Catherine was “put on this earth” to solve his problems.

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