Simon Cowell’s Wife: Meet His Longtime Girlfriend and Bride Lauren Silverman

Image Credit: Anthony Harvey / Shutterstock

Simon Cowell62, recently revealed that he will Wonderful Must be his bride, Lauren Silverman, 44, with a marriage. The American Idol The judge and TV icon is known for his vast career, spanning two continents and shows X factor Per Pop ideal. He is also known for his sarcastic, and often biting feelings when criticizing competitors. But there is one person who probably did not receive his caustic remarks – his longtime girlfriend and wife, Lauren Silverman. Here’s everything you need to know about the woman who will soon be happily married to Simon.

Lauren has been married before Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell. (Anthony Harvey / Shutterstock)

Lauren is known as a socialite from New York who was previously married to real estate mogul Andrew Silverman. The couple is said to have met because Simon was friends with Andrew, and the former Silvermen apparently spent many vacations in Barbados meeting Simon there.

Andrew filed for divorce from Lauren in 2013 after discovering she was pregnant with Simon’s child. According to a 2014 UK interview, the pair are not particularly unhappy. Mirror.

“I’m sorry for that part,” Simon told the outlet. “It’s not something I want to be proud of or hurt someone. It’s just happened.”

She is the mother of 2 sons

Lorraine has two sons – she is said to have shared the custody of 16-year-old Adam Silverman with Andrew. Her second child, who was with her Simon 8-year-old Eric Cowell. Proud father Simon took to Twitter in the days after his son’s birth to share his feelings about the incident.

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