Sharna Burgess explains why she is eating her own placenta after the birth of her son

Image credit: Sarah J. Weiss/Shutterstock

Sharna Burgess There may be a contest for the most loyal mother! The dancing with the stars Pro, 37, recently revealed she is digesting her ‘processed’ placenta to aid her recovery after Welcome her first child with Brian Austin Green. During an Instagram Live Q&A session on Wednesday, July 27, Sharna elaborated on the decision after a pregnant fan asked for more information about the “placenta pill.”

“I highly recommend it,” replied Sharna Per Daily message. “So I had my placenta picked up by our baby nurse who is also a doula. She processed my placenta the way it should and put it in capsules for me.” She also says she takes two pills a day “like a vitamin.” “It’s said to help with hormone balance, milk production, PPD prevention and around recovery. ” She continued. “The only testimony I can give is that my recovery has been amazing and my mood and milk have been positive the whole time.”

The IG Live came hours before Sharna shared a photo of her C-section scar and a lengthy message about how the unexpected delivery option was “terrifying” for the new mom, who welcomed son Jen with Brian on June 28. “I didn’t. Expect a C section,” she wrote. “I didn’t necessarily have a birth plan but even my comfort level with the flow method was tested when we were told it was the safest option. At the moment it was scary, even on the table it was scary. But Jane arrived healthy and happy and that was always the priority.”

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