Selena Gomez Says She’ll “Get Married and Be a Mom”

Selena Gomez thanks fans for “growing up with me” on emotional TikTok

selena gomez Still keeping it real as she looks to the future—a future that includes starting a family.

In a new episode of TaTaTu series Giving back generationReleased Aug. 5, the singer chats with host Raquel Stevens and colleague Ashley Cook about her mental health journey and her dreams.

“I hope to be married and a mother,” said Selena, who just celebrated her 30th birthday. “Eventually, I’m going to get tired of all this, so I’m probably going to devote most of my life to philanthropy before I come to peace.”

“Keeping it real,” added the star.

And Selena does so by living in the real world as much as possible. The Only murder in the building Actress, K Once had the most followers on InstagramHe said Continue to stay away from social media platforms.

“If anyone knows me, I am an extremist. So it’s either one way or the other,” he said. “So I actually got rid of my Instagram on my phone and gave my assistant that power. So whatever I post, I just text it to her without worrying about her changing and closing. I don’t even know my password.”

Selena continued, “But it was on purpose because I’m excited when I see you guys because I don’t look at Instagram. So I don’t know what you’ve done or how you’re doing and it’s like real time that we can gain together.”


The pop star says she also advises other people to try taking a social media break.

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