Richard Engel says 6-year-old son Henry has “gotten worse”

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Richard Engel shared a heartbreaking update about his 6-year-old son Henry, who was born with a variant of Rate syndrome.

“For everyone who follows Henry’s story, unfortunately he has taken a turn for the worse,” wrote Richard. Tweet Shared May 31. “His condition has improved and he has developed dystonia: uncontrolled shaking / stiffness.”

Richard continues to notice that while Henry was in the hospital for six weeks, he is now “at home and receiving love from Brother Theo.”

Richard’s post was linked to a video of Henry and his younger brother in bed. In the touching clip, Theo, 2, is seen kissing Henry on the head.

After Richard’s announcement, Today To share An Instagram post In this regard. Users took to the comments section to share their thoughts in honor of Henry.

Al Rocker Wrote, “I can’t imagine the incredible work you are doing when Henry takes a turn. God bless you all. Thank you and your crew for your courageous journalism. ”

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhel added, “Praying for Richard and his beautiful family … thinking about all the amazing reports he’s reporting from Ukraine as he tackles these huge family health challenges.”

Following support from fans, Richard took to Twitter again on May 31 to share A picture Henry sat up.

“Thank you all for all the kind messages from our Mr. Handsome Henry,” he wrote.

According to Mayo ClinicRett syndrome — which currently has no cure — is a rare genetic disorder that leads to loss of communication and motor skills.

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