‘RHOBH’ newcomer Diana Jenkins condemns ‘ridiculous’ madam and sex trafficking rumors

Diana Jenkins

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season: 10 - Photo: (LR) Garsell Beauvais, Dennis Richards, Lisa Rina, Kyle Richards, Erica Girardi, Dorit Kamsley, Teddy Melankamp Arroyo - (Photo: John Tews)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season: 10 - Photo: Kyle Richards - (Photo: John Siavis / Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season: 10 - Photo: Erica Girardi - (Photo: John Siavis / Bravo)

Image Credit: Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Diana Jenkins Didn’t waste any time to fit the real drama behind it The real housewife of Beverly Hills. Continuous Newcomer49, in the June 15 episode of Bravo Hit, reveals that his fascinating life returns in 2009, when he published a coffee table book full of artistic photography – including some tempting pictures of unrest and Lindsay Lohan. The photo sparks rumors that he is running a “secret” Whore Ring, ā€¯according to a one-to-one screengrab Jezebel Articles from 2012, per episode.

Diana JenkinsDiana Jenkins (Tommy Garcia / Bravo)

“It all started with rumors,” Diana revealed during an episode of the confession. “It was like a crime of my character.” The title of the book Room 23, Apparently a “catalog” of high-end clients and call girls was suspected. Diana claimed that the fallout was more than a disruption to her life.

“It’s very, very dangerous.” Neuro brand Maven spoke of the situation at the time. “All you have to do is spread a bunch of fake rumors and you can actually ruin someone’s life.” After Diana called it a “painful time.” RHOBH The producer joked, “So you’re not an international sex trafficker and madam of high class prostitutes?” Diana laughed and denounced the rumor as unbelievable. “It’s really ridiculous that I can’t believe it’s actually caught,” he said.

And of course, in the end, “the truth prevailed,” he said. But it did not stop there. Wednesday’s episode didn’t just reveal Diana’s plight,

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