RHOA recap: Marlowe Hampton calls Candy Baras and Kenya Moore ‘Hose’ in burning

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season: 12 - Photo: (LR) Porsha Williams, Candy Burs Tucker, Kenya Moore, Nene Lex, Eva Marcel, Cynthia Bailey - (Photo: Tommy Garcia / Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season: 12 - Photo: Kenya Moore - (Photo: Tommy Garcia / Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season: 12 - Photo: Porsha Williams - (Photo: Tommy Garcia / Bravo)

Image Credit: Stephanie Eli / Bravo

Later Tyrone Sherry broke Whitfield’s heart In last week’s episode Atlanta real housewife, Marlowe Hampton did what she could to make her friend feel better. During the June 12 episode, Marlowe actually sent a car for Sherry and treated her to a special night at her home. Fendi had a personal sales representative at Marlowe’s home and the sales representative gave Sherry an intimate shopping experience. Marlowe also had a cake since she knew Sherry had a sweet tooth, and then, she ended the night by massaging her feet with a private massage. Marlowe also told Sherry to block Tyrone’s number because he deserves better than someone who keeps him stuck in “dirty” Philadelphia.

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Kenya Moore Sherry was supposed to be at this small celebration, but at the last minute, she called Marlowe and said she couldn’t do it because she wasn’t feeling well. Marlowe thought Kenya was in “full glam” if he wasn’t well, but he was too busy preparing his house for Sherry to question Kenya’s behavior. That actually came Later Episode, when the women met at a dinner party Sania Richards-Ross.

Sania wanted to cook a Jamaican dinner for everyone so they could learn more about her culture,

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