‘RHOA’ Recap: Drew and Ralph fight to resolve their marital problems

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season: 12 - Photo: (LR) Porsha Williams, Candy Burs Tucker, Kenya Moore, Nene Lex, Eva Marcel, Cynthia Bailey - (Photo: Tommy Garcia / Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season: 12 - Photo: Kenya Moore - (Photo: Tommy Garcia / Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season: 12 - Photo: Porsha Williams - (Photo: Tommy Garcia / Bravo)

Image Credit: Bravo

Episode 8 of May The real housewife of Atlanta The audience learned a lesson about gaslighting, and we have Drew Sidora’s husband, Ralph Pitman, to thank. When Drew brought in his troubled assistant this week, Ralph told him he had fired him. Drew must have been happy, but when he tried to make sure they weren’t talking anymore, Ralph said he was. By Still talk to his assistant. Although their personal texts were the source of the problem, Ralph said his personal relationship with his former assistant was never a problem. He further added that his assistant is 50 years old, so Drew would go crazy thinking he would be interested in her.

Ralph then said he would stop talking to his former assistant if and only if Drew told him. But he refused to do so because he did not want Ralph to bother her later – he wanted her to decide for their relationship. Instead, he told her that he had already bothered her for other things he had done in the past, so he dropped out of the conversation and immediately felt guilty (at his best).

Later, Ralph planned a very elaborate date night and tried to distract Drew from the big problems he was facing. At first he surprised her with flowers. Then, he surprised her with a glam squad and a small shiny dress before sending her a limo to take him to her. When he arrived, he was blown away by the setup. She had a table with candles and roses everywhere – it was a private dinner for two and she was very excited.

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