Rachel Bilson has confirmed that she has dated Bill Hader in rare comments about her love life

Is Rachel Bilson “The OC?” Revive it?

As it turns out, Bill Hader There just wasn’t Rachel BilsonIts destiny.

Although OC The actress has never been one to reveal details about her love life, she recently spoke about her past relationship with him Live Saturday night Alumni discuss their 2013 movie, To list. When talking to a rom-com lead, Aubrey PlazaIn its June 13 episode Broad concept PodcastRachel, 40, confirmed that she and Bill, 44, had been dating “two years ago.”

As proof of how tight the ex-couple talked about romance, the news was a revelation for Aubrey. “Are you serious?” The Parks and Recreation Ask the star. “I don’t know st. I don’t know anything.”

“We’ve dated,” Rachel assured. “I went to the F-King Golden Globe with him.”

Indeed, the pair The 2020 Golden Globes set foot together The red carpet, just weeks later they were Seen on a coffee date Bill’s hometown is Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, things did not work out and two It was launched by July 2020, Says a source e! The news at the time was that Rachel was “absolutely devastated.”


The Heart of Dixie The actress didn’t share much more about her relationship with Aubrey, but she did touch on a particularly difficult split. The previous episode of his podcast. Without naming her ex, Rachel acknowledged as a guest Mandy Moore That he “went through a really tough breakup and it was during the epidemic.”

“I couldn’t leave my house.

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