Prince Harry’s Father’s Day plans and ‘special’ gifts he will receive from Archie and

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SANTA BARBARA, CA - Meghan Merkel comforts Prince Harry by placing her hand on his knee after a semifinal defeat against Santa Barbara Polo and Rackett Club at Folded Hills on Friday (June 17).  Meghan also hugs Harry's teammate and friend Nacho Figueroa.  The prince also embraced Nacho's wife, Delphina Blakeier.  Harry's team was vying for a place in Sunday's Chaval Athletics USPA intracircuit final.  Photo: Megan Merkel and Prince Harry Backgrid USA 17 June 2022 USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / * Contact UK Children's Pix Clients Publications *

Editorial use only.  Mandatory Credit: Misan Harriman / Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Single Use - Handout / No Sale / No Archive Mandatory Credit: Misan Harriman / Duke and Duchess of Sussex Photo HANDOUT / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock Arrived by Archwell showing Lilibate Diana Mountbatten-Windsor a birthday picnic at Frogmore Cottage, Windsor, UK on her first birthday (issued 07 June 2022).  A spokesman said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan had invited friends and family to celebrate their daughter Lilibett's first birthday with a casual backyard picnic at Frogmore Cottage.  EPA-EFE / Misan Harriman / Duke and Duchess of Sussex Handout Mandatory Credit: Misan Harriman / Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Single Use - Handout Editorial Use Only / No Sale / No Archive, First Birthday for United King's Birthday Birthday - 07 June 2022

Prince Harry Getting ready for a Father’s Day filled with some of her favorite things: family and polo. “Harry’s polo team [Los Padres] Competing for the cup [The Pacific Coast Circuit Intra-Circuit Cup] And the finals are on Father’s Day, so crossing the fingers he’ll play a game on Sunday, which will work great since Polo is on his list of favorites, “said Harry, 37, and a source close to his wife. Meghan Merkel40, exclusively to Hollywoodlife.

The source added that besides playing polo, Harry will probably enjoy some time at home with Meghan and They have two children, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor3, and Lilliputian Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, 1. “Harry is not one to celebrate big. As a rule, Megan and Harry really enjoy keeping their celebrations to a minimum and on earth, they will both take on something passionate about scattering a bunch of cash any day, they’re just them, “they noted.

Prince HarryAccording to HollywoodLife, Prince Harry is expected to have a fun and special Father’s Day (Photo: Marcin Noak / Shutterstock)

If Harry and Megan keep their tradition, it will definitely be an emotional vacation. Apparently, on each Father’s Day, Meghan wrote “a special poem about him and the kids” to Harry, according to HollywoodLife insiders. “She does beautiful calligraphy so it’s a real work of art and something she gives a lot of pleasure. And there will be other handmade gifts too, now Archie is old enough to get involved,” the source explained.

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