Prince Harry has won a legal victory over the Mail on Sunday in a defamation suit

Celebrated on the 61st birthday of Prince Harry and Prince William Diana

Prince Harry He has won the first stage in the defamation case against him Sunday Mail.

A London High Court judge recently ruled that parts of an article published by a UK-based newspaper – centering on the Duke of Sussex’s separate legal case against the government over security measures – were defamatory. BBC.

In a written statement submitted during a preliminary hearing in June, according to the outlet, Prince Harry had previously said that the article, published in February of this year, had caused him “considerable injury, embarrassment and pain, which continues.”

Prince Harry’s lawyer argued that the story falsely claimed that he had “lied” and “provocatively” tried to drive public opinion. However, the newspaper’s publisher, Associated Newspapers Limited, said the article contained “no indication of inappropriateness.”

The High Court ruling is the first step in Royal’s defamation suit and the publisher will have to file a defense if the case is to proceed.

Regarding the verdict, Justice Nicholson of the British High Court said, “I should reiterate that the decision in this judgment relates only to the intentional meaning of the article published by the defendant for the purpose of claiming defamation.”

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However, he made it clear that the lawsuit was not over, adding that the outcome would be “a matter for decision after trial whether the claim is successful or unsuccessful and if so, on what basis.”

E! The news has arrived Sunday Mail And the publication declined to comment.

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