Post Malone Jokes Selena Gomez gets ‘Dude Nudes’ on comedy ‘SNL’

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Selena Gomez Crack a joke about her dating life was no problem Live Saturday night Open the monologue – and put the theme of the relationship in another sketch that included Post Malone and Chris Red! After a while, Selena and Chris play a cohabiting couple – however, a voice (Punky Johnson) suggests that Chris is probably cheating and not buying paper towels as he said!

Angry Selena then started going through her social media posts and computers, even breaking her X-Box at Punkie’s suggestion – but when Chris came back a few minutes later with a bag from Bounty, he looked pretty disgusted! This time Chris had a second voice pop up in the form of Post Malone, who suggested to Cell that he was just cheating because She The deception was “she’s getting nude friends,” he sang in ridiculous sketches. “From whom?” Chris asked, Post Malone suggested that they probably came from LeBron James.

Selena Gomez and Post Malone appeared in a ‘SNL’ sketch on 14 May. (NBC)

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