Today we will share more information about Pearlcore. What outfit would be complete without some stunning accessories? Jewelry enhances your look and gives it a luxurious finish. You can be seriously creative with it, layering necklaces or bracelets or changing your ring game. If there’s one thing you can’t go wrong with, it’s a statement necklace. Something bold, outstanding, and stylish. Something that will turn your head and make your outfit look like yours, but even better.

Iconic Vivian Westwood Pearl necklace Has been around for decades. Once a single strand came back in the late 80’s, it has been re-imagined year after year. In the 90’s, it became a three-strand necklace for Westwood’s portrait collection. In recent years, it has become known as the “TikTok Necklace”. While this is probably somewhat debilitating, the popularity of the necklace has increased thanks to its viral social media presence. Fashion influencers are rocking the necklace and zen-z trend, and it’s not just them!

The The necklace has become an essential item of 2021, wearing the legendary jewelry of all the stars like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Janelle Monae. Dua really drew attention to the necklace with her styling choices – a dark yellow and purple print mini dress, a trail, stockings and a beehive. How to make a pearl necklace less “next door girl” and more “va bhaum”.

Pearl necklaces have become a major trend in the unisex jewelry movement. Because pearl necklaces are not just for women. Take a look at Harry Styles – he’s good at mixing more “feminine” pieces with a masculine, retro look. She’s known to wear a pearl necklace, like the A $ AP Rocky – so what’s stopping you?

With Bridgeton Roaring success, hard to find without some serious fashion inspiration. The popular series is another explanation or catalyst for the pearl necklace trend, otherwise known as “pearlcore”. As one of the warmest trends of 2022, it’s still not going anywhere! It has a Renaissance-like feel that is in stark contrast to today’s modern, sportswear-inspired trends. It really offsets casual wear, the focal point of a dress.

Pearls are not just necklaces! It doesn’t stop there! Pearls are being used to embellish knitwear and clothing for a playful and feminine touch. They are being used to transform the look during the day and at night. The key here is balance – layer a pearl necklace over a oversized shirt for a vintage feel and mix hard and soft. Try wearing a sexy short black dress and leather jacket with a statement pearl for a punk-rock vibe – Vivian Westwood How to do it!

Pearlcore is here to stay – so it’s time to redesign your jewelry collection with some classic choices. Whether it’s Vivian Westwood Pearl or one of the many inspirational brands to follow, there are plenty of options that will still have the same feeling. The important thing is to make the necklace your own – style it your way and make it feel fabulous!

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Unsplash, Pixels, Pixabay And Creative Commons