Oscar Isaac explains his viral red carpet moment with Jessica Chastain

Oscar Isaac offered a poignant explanation for his steamy 2021 red carpet moment with Jessica Chastain, which went viral.

How Oscar Isaac “immersed” himself in the Moon Knight aesthetic

Oscar IsaacThe explanation for that With viral red carpet PDA moments Jessica Chastain Simple—and squeamish: They’re worms!

Last September, the Scene from a wedding co-star Their main chemistry exhibits While promoting their HBO limited series at the event. The co-stars held hands and wrapped their arms around each other as they posed for the camera, while Isaac also kissed and sniffed Chastain’s inner upper arm. on SiriusXM The Jess Cagle Show This week, Isaac compared himself and the actress to…flatworms.

“You know, you can cut them into a hundred pieces and they’ll grow a whole new worm from the smaller pieces,” moon night The actor explained. “So they’re basically kind of immortal and they’re working at the cellular level where they’re watching the cells talk to each other electrically and decide, ‘Okay you’re going to do the head.’ ‘Okay, I’m going to make the tail’…they’re communicating through an electro-type magnetic situation.”

Isaac concluded, “This is how Jessica and I talk to each other. We’re just like little flatworms.”

He also joked, “Maybe we should use more real human language to talk instead of sniffing our armpits and stuff like that. Which starts to happen and no matter how much we annoy each other, whatever happens, it’s like, when you make us Put together, it’s like, it’s other things that are going on that are making our two heads grow.”

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Chastain also commented on the viral red carpet moment with Isaacs,

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