Noah Thompson: Here are 5 things to know about the winners of ‘American Idol’ Season 20

Noah Thompson The next big thing in country music, thanks American Idol. Kentucky was the native crown American Idol Season 20 winners Over Huntergirl May 22 during the grand finale. About 16 million votes were cast, and America chose Noah as their new winner!

So, who is Noah Thompson? From her family to how she ended up auditioning IdolHollywoodLife has come up with 5 things you should know about Noah.

Noah ThompsonAfter the Noah Thompson Top 3 release. (ABC) 1. Noah won the ‘American Idol’ season 20.

Noah now joins the long list American Idol The champion country singer was named the winner of Season 20 in the May 22 finale. Noah was in the top 3 along with Huntergirl Leah Marlene. Season 20 ended with artists from both countries in Final 2, with Leah finishing third.

During the finale, Noah got a chance to perform with country icon Melissa Ethereus and performed Rihanna’s song “Stay” which proved to be a turning point for Noah in Hollywood Week.

2. Noah’s best friend pushed him to audition.

His colleague, Arthur, actually asked Noah to try American Idol. Arthur is the man who signed up and recorded Noah for the “Idol Across America” ​​virtual audition. Noah admits he will never sign up for himself Idol Because he did not have confidence in himself. Arthur’s idea pays off in a major way for Noah!

2. Noah is a construction worker.

Before American Idol, Noah Louisa, lived and worked in Kentucky. He worked on the reconstruction work,

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