Noah Schnapp reveals where he and Doza Cat stand after the DMS drama

Curious to know where Noah Schnapp and Doza Cat stand after calling him to share their latest DMs publicly? No need to run up that hill. The Stranger Things The star has an answer.

Doja Cat lost 200K IG followers after the Noah Schnapp drama

There is Noah Schnapp And Doja catDid your world turn upside down in the play ‘DM’?

Well, don’t worry because Stranger Things They are setting records where they stand. “Friends are all right,” he wrote below July 13th Tick ​​tock video In which the singer’s hit “Kiss Me More” is playing in the background. “I apologize and I still follow him and don’t like any hard feelings to his music.”

ICYMI, the drama began last week when Noah posted a tick video of a deletion He received the message directly from Doza Telling him to connect with her Stranger Things Co-star Joseph Quinn (Which he previously described in a tweet as “as good as s – t”).

“Noah can you tell Joseph to Humu,” he asked the DM before quickly clarifying, “Don’t wait. Does he have a GF?”

After Noah encourages him to slide into Joseph’s DMs, Doza mentions that he doesn’t know his Instagram or Twitter account so “he has no DM to slide into.” However, the actor helped her, directed her to Joseph’s profile and wrote, “Here’s the mam.”

Yet, Doza did not praise Noah for sharing their personal exchanges with the public Called him.

“When you’re so young, you make mistakes. You become dumb, “he said on the next TikTok live about the 17-year-old post.” I,

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