Nina Dobrev Hilariously Trolls Boyfriend Sean White With TikTok Trend

Nina Dobrev and Sean White make their red carpet debuts

All is fair in love not war tick tock.

Ask Nina Dobrev, who recently took part in the trend of TikTok users comparing their childhood crushes to who they “ended up with.” in it July 20 videoThe The Vampire Diaries alum – who are dating Sean White for one Less than two years– began the video by showing a picture of his childhood crush, Brad Pitt.

However, when it’s time to express her love—albeit briefly to the Olympic athlete—her quick appearance is followed by record-scratching noises as the camera pans to focus on her adorable dog, Maverick (who follows) only. A cute photo of her and her puppy).

All jokes aside, the actress and Olympic snowboarder proved they’re still going strong more than two years later. After they first started dating. Actually, on Shawn’s heels Announcing his retirement from snowboarding After competing at the Beijing Olympics earlier this year, Nina penned a sweet tribute honoring the gold medalist.

“I’m in awe of you,” she wrote in one February’s Instagram post Dedicated to athletes. “Today we celebrate you. Your hard work. Your interest. your resolve Your genius. Your class. your fearlessness your courage Your soul. your mind Your legacy.”

tick tock

as degrassi The star said, “I couldn’t be more proud. Between what you’ve achieved in the last 20 years as a competitor and the person you’ve become.

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