Nina Dobrev and Shawn White debuted on the red carpet at their former movie premiere:

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World premiere screening of Tom Cruise 'Top Song: Maverick', San Diego, California, USA - 04 May 2022

Tom Cruise 'Top Song: Maverick' Film Premiere, London, UK - 19 May 2022

Hailey Atwell 'Top Song: Maverick' Film Premiere, London, UK - 19 May 2022

Image Credit: James Vesi / Shutterstock

Stepping out in style! Nina Dobrev And boyfriend Shawn White Their first appearance as a couple on the red carpet for the UK premiere Top gun: Maverick And it didn’t look good. The flick happened with Nina’s ex, Glenn Powell, so it was the right place Vampire Diaries Hot look and show her new people!

Nina opted for a gorgeous, white, one-shoulder sheath that featured a chest cut and leg slit. She paired the look with the same color strappy heels, big white hoops and a dark red lip, cutting her hair from behind in a glamorous bun.

It was interesting to see her Olympic gold medalist wearing a white tuxedo jacket and shirt, paired with black boots and pants.

Shawn White, Nina Dobrev Shawn White and Nina Dobrev (James Vesi / Shutterstock) at the premiere of ‘Top Song: Maverick’.

It is not surprising that couples bring their love to the public as a source Recently published How are they prepared to take their relationship to HollywoodLife exclusively? The next level.

“They discussed exactly what it would be like to get married and have children, across nine yards,” the source shared. “They have fallen in love so much and can’t imagine spending the rest of their lives together. The real deal is what they have. “

The couple should not be surprised to discuss future plans, especially how Nina wrote a lengthy Instagram post explaining She was “surprised.” Of Her boyfriend.

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