Nicole Remy seeks her dream duke in “The Courtship”

Have you ever imagined becoming a ball bell? This dream has come true for his debut as an engineer Nicole Remy After she was cast as the leading lady CourtshipA Regency Inspired Dating Show – Thoughts Unmarried Meet Bridgeton. Let’s get acquainted with our hero when he starts his journey in search of love!

The Courtship – Season: 1 – Photo: Nicole Remy – (Photo: Shawn Gleason / USA Network)

The epidemic provided a perfect opportunity for Nicole to rediscover herself. “Before coding, I was an architecture associate for two years. I worked at a Tacoma, WA based firm focusing on residential and commercial building plans and 3D Revit models. When the epidemic hit, I lost my job, and I knew there were too few architectural locations to stop construction. So, knowing the rapid growth of the technology industry and its far-reaching adaptability, I found and signed up for a 3-month coding program through the University of Washington, and thank God I did! ” He enjoys his new life in the world of technology, but he is always open to new opportunities. “I work at a tech startup! I’m so grateful that life has brought me this way. I work for a company called Making, a social media app and crafters’ class platform. I’m always looking for new opportunities in life, so even though I’m now Enthusiastic about what I’m doing, I know there’s always something new, exciting on the horizon. ” In many ways, she considers herself the heroine of her own life. “I am always going through adversity. It was not easy for the predominantly white neighborhood and school to become black. Occasionally, I would feel deprived or humiliated because of the color of my skin, however, this did not deter me from trailblazing. I was the first black president of my sorority in college, Kappa Kappa Gamma of USC, I was the first black cover girl in the annual Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals calendar, and now, I’m the first black lead. Courtship. While none of these accomplishments are easy to achieve, I gain strength by knowing that other little girls or boys who look like me find hope in my journey. “

Despite her brilliant background, Nicole finds dating during the epidemic a challenge. “Dating during the epidemic was one of my favorite epidemic activities. I have mainly resorted to online dating, which we all know can go either way. I was a catfish, things were awkward when we had to wear masks on most dates, and above all, I never felt I could develop a deep, meaningful connection. This is why I was so grateful to end the show! Fortunately, Courtship Just in time fell into his lap, wrapped with a shiny, sanitary bow. “This opportunity was presented to me, and I think I am very satisfied with my life right now: I have a great job, I have a great work balance, I am the most confident so far, so I am very ready for love!” The producers then sealed the deal by saying, “You choose your 16 men, live in a safe cove-free environment and dress like a princess while staying in a castle.” I just had to say, ‘Sign me up!’.

The Courtship – “The French Kiss” Episode 107 – Photo: (lr) Dominic Remy, Nicole Remy, Tessa Cleary – (Photo: Shawn Gleason / USA Network)

Some aspects of a regency-style courtship appeal to Nicole. “I really appreciate how authentic and simple things were in the Regency era. I appreciate that dates are easy to go by, for example: horseback riding, painting, walking and a meaningful conversation over tea and crumpet. In addition, I like the idea of ​​my family being a part of this process. Although I don’t usually include my mom and dad in postdate text threads, I love and respect them a lot and thought, why don’t they become part of my dating life? My parents, who have been married for over 35 years, know better than anyone I know about love and sacrifice – I truly admired their wisdom and insight throughout the process. ” “For some reason I prefer to love than modern dating. Since we did not have the confusion of social media or modern day, I was able to build a real, meaningful connection. To be fair, I felt like they worked hard and really fought to win my affection in a very polite, attractive way and more than I saw in modern day dating. However, as much as I like regency courtship, I don’t necessarily want it. That’s my date and I’m wearing corsets and tights in the pub after a Mariners game. That could be the era!

The Courtship – “The French Kiss” Episode 107 – Photo: Nicole Remy – (Photo: Shawn Gleason / USA Network)

Her experience reminds her to focus on her feelings. “My time on the show taught me that I’m looking for someone who makes me feel a certain way, not someone who checks the list boxes. The process went on. Over time, I realized that the suitors made me feel like I was the only person in the room who valued me and showed me the most positive and lasting effects on me, and in the end, that’s what I wanted. A partner. ” Although he remained silent about the outcome, perhaps a happy ending was just right. “Without any spoilers, I would say I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of meaningful, deep connection I made to the show! For the rest, stay with me. ” At the end of the day, we all write our own stories. “I hope to show little black girls, boys or anyone who has felt less, or not seen or valued, the only thing that defines you as the heroine of your own story is you! You write your own story. While some people may try to tear up your pages, you end up holding the pen – so keep writing. ” Courtship Broadcast on the USA Network on Wednesday at 11 PM ET / PT.

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Nicole Remy seeks her dream duke in “The Courtship”. Photo Credit: The Courtship – Photo: Nicole Remy – (Photo: Shawn Gleason / USA Network).